Dave grew up in a very musical family in St. Petersburg, Florida where bicycle rides to the beach to spend the day fishing were a common occurrence. Dave was drafted at an early age by the St. Petersburg Boy Choir, which began a long history of performing. He picked up the guitar in his teen years, but soon discovered that he was not destined to be the next Eddie Van Halen.

In his college years, he discovered the music of Jimmy Buffett. The songs really spoke to him and the sound and style were fun to sing and fit his voice nicely. When Dave graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Forestry, he went to work for the Florida Forest Service. His supervisor was also a musician and invited Dave to come sing with him at a little place called The Skunks Nest where he discovered that, much to his surprise, people enjoyed listening to him sing. The owners offered Dave his own night where he became Tuesday Night Dave, playing for free beer and tips. This began a musical adventure that continues to this day.

The origin of the name “Flip Flop Dave”
Dave was entertaining at a little place called Sun Downer's in John’s Pass Village in Madeira Beach, Florida. The owner (Jim) had nicknamed Dave and his previous musical partner "Mud Flap and Flip Flop", and thanks to the Tampa Bay Parrothead Club, the name Flip Flop Dave just kinda of stuck...... Dave retired after 25 years with the Florida Forest Service, and moved to the western suburbs of Chicago, where he resides in Naperville today. If you would like to know why, you’ll just have to ask him in person.

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Song List.

Jimmy Buffett

A Lot to Drink About
A Pirate Looks at Forty
African Friend
Another Saturday Night
Bama Breeze
Banana Republics
Barefoot Children In The Rain
Barometer Soup
Blue Heaven Rendezvous
Boats to Build
Boat Drinks 
Breathe In Breath Out Move On
Brown Eyed Girl Changes in Latitudes
Changing ChannelsCheeseburger in Paradise
Coast of Carolina
Coast of Marseille
Coconut Telegraph
Come Monday
Cowboy in the Jungle
Cuban Crime of Passion
Death of an Unpopular Poet
Distantly in Love
Door Number Three
DreamsicleFar Side of the World
FinsFrank and Lola
Grape Fruit - Juicyfruit
Great Fillin' Station Holdup
Growing Older But Not Up
Happily Ever After
Havana Daydreamin'
He Went to Paris
Hey Good Lookin’
I Will Play For Gumbo
It's My Job
I Have Found Me a Home
Jimmy Dreams
Jolly Mon Sing 
Last Mango in Paris 
Livingston Saturday Night
Life Is Just a Tire Swing
Lone Palm
Love & Luck
Lovely Cruise
Lucky Stars
My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink
Nautical Wheelers
Nobody Speaks to the Captain
One Particular Harbor
Pascagoula RunPeanut Butter Conspiracy
Pencil Thin Mustache
Quietly Making Noise
Railroad Lady
Ringling, Ringling
Savanna, Fare You Well
Simply Complicated
Smart Woman (In a Real Short Skirt)
Son of a Son of a Sailor
Stars Fell on AlabamaTampico Trauma
Take Another Road
That's What Living Is to Me
The Captain and the Kid
The Night I Painted The Sky
The Weather Is Here
They Don't Dance like Carmen
Tin Cup Chalice
Trip Around the Sun
Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season
We Are the People
West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown
When The Coast Is Clear
Why Don't We Get Drunk


Original Songs

A Parrothead Looks at 40
Comin' Home
Eat, Drink, & Be Merry
His Son
I'll Never Be Famous
Lucky Enough
This Old Saddle
I've Fallen
The Beach is a State of Mind
Tropical Depression
She's Out There Somewhere

Kenny Chesney

Beer in Mexico
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be
Old Blue Chair
Out Last Night
The Life
You Save Me

Zac Brown Band

Chicken Fried
Island Song
Keep Me in Mind
Knee Deep
Where the Boat Leaves From

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